How To Choose Scroll-Stopping Blog Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. There’s certainly truth in that saying. With an ever-increasing flood of content available to your audience, they’re looking for reasons not to read your content, including a bad (or missing) visual.

TopRank Marketing Blog contributor Joshua Nite explains just how important it is to find the right image for your copy:

The right visual does more than take up space. It captures attention, creates a little mystery, invites the reader to dig into your carefully-crafted text. Good visuals are doubly important for amplification, too: Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn shares will all include an image. The visual alone can stop the endless, half-engaged scrolling people do on social media, buying you crucial seconds to compel a click or a tap.

How can you find a disarming image for your next blog? It’s all about personality – gone are the days of flat “professional” photos. Some guidelines:

  1. Ditch the crappy stock photos, particularly stark white offices, people with their arms crossed, and anything in front of a chalkboard.
  2. Make it weird…and beautiful. No one wants another obvious image. Take a cue from Instagram and look for evocative filters.
  3. Find a metaphor. Introduce that metaphor in your opening paragraph to give yourself options for a header image.
  4. Take your own photos. It’s genuine and authenticity is key to getting eyes on your content.

For more tips on finding the right image, check out the complete article on TopRank Marketing Blog.

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