How to Build A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

In recent years, marketers have come to realize all of the great benefits content marketing has to offer. The competition has, therefore, become tougher to beat as so many companies enter the market. However, while many jumped on the bandwagon, only a few fully understand how to form a content strategy. From the art of content creation to measuring your results, every element is necessary to build the content strategy of your dreams. In this piece, Marissa Alanis discusses an impressive ten-step process for creating a content marketing game plan. First step? Establish a budget.

You need to allocate part of your marketing budget to content marketing, or you may have to secure a separate budget altogether to do content marketing justice. If you do have a budget, is it sufficient to both produce the assets you need and also buy the advertising reach you need?”

Ready to begin your content marketing journey? Follow these key steps to get started. For a more detailed guide on how to build a powerful content strategy, check out our eBook, The Content Marketing Pyramid.

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  • The concept of building content and publishing in places other than your blog is particularly hard to stomach when your website is where you earn money.

    But, is publishing full content on Facebook and LinkedIn really that much different than a newsletter? Your audience is where your audience is. Unfortunately, many of them will be somewhere else tomorrow.

  • I liked the content and how it was well structured. Any tips to produce content like the one above?