How to Become More Efficient with Content Curation

Nowadays, the amount of content circulating in social platforms has made it very difficult for companies to stand out. Although content creation should be the foundation of your strategy, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the demand by only utilizing this one method. This is why many marketers have shifted some of their focus from creation to curation. This marketing method helps to improve consistency and efficiency, while also providing consumers with valuable, third-party information. In this piece, Yoav Vilner provides a short guide on how to optimize your content by implementing curation into your strategy. For beginners, Yoav suggests following your industry’s top influencers on Twitter in order to gain great knowledge and insight. 

A Twitter List is a curated group of users that you can create or follow. In Twitter’s attempts to make their service more approachable and user friendly, Lists continue to be vastly underrated.”

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