How to Avoid Wasting Your Budget on Orphan Content

Have you forgotten about some of your (potentially best) content? If so you’re not alone; around 60%-70% of B2B content marketers’ output is orphan content. According to Kapost research, 75% of marketers only use a piece of content once. Riverside Marketing Strategies president Heidi Cohen outlines three key attributes of orphan content:

  • No internal links. Links support your search efforts and keep people on your site. Add internal links to other content on your site or blog. Also link to new content from existing content when you publish.
  • No on-going promotion, social media shares or curation. Content needs to get out and strut its stuff on a regular basis or it’s forgotten. Just like buying a new outfit for a party, you need to change your content presentation.
  • No updates. Adding new insights and bringing content up-to-date is critical to maintain evergreen content. It shows your audience and search engines that you care about it and that it’s still useful.

To avoid orphan content you need a system, such as Curata’s Content Marketing Pyramid. Cohen also offers seven great tips to avoid orphan content and extend your content’s lifespan in the full article below:

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