How Marketers Publish Content Effectively

Chic Marketing published a great article on four ways marketers can effectively push out consistent content and reach the right readers. The four solutions are 1. Calibrating your goals 2. Content creation 3. Content curation and 4. Circulating content. 

Maximizing everything you publish with marketable intent is essential. It’s a process, too, but with practice you should be able to attract new readers and keep a piece of content alive long past its expiration date.

Make sure each piece of content you publish has a clear objective and that it is portrayed accordingly. Created content should consist of relevant topics that provide value and thought leadership for readers. Curation is the perfect compliment to a creation strategy. Curated content helps content marketers publish consistently and provides their readers with diverse opinions from third-party sources. Circulating existing content allows marketers to get the most mileage out of it and reach a wider audience. 

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