How Google Authorship Affects Search

Google+ is not only a social network, but now a platform that helps users verify their written contributions on websites and blogs. As more users employ Google Authorship to verify content on an associated domain, Google is better able to match the where with the who – further establishing credibility. Tom Rusling continues on this topic in his post originally published on The Next Web. 

Beyond its eventuality to be a critical trust signal for algorithmic search, users recognize an immediate and meaningful value that authorship brings to content.

Rich snippets in SERPs display microdata in the form of an author image, byline and content blurb. Users are more likely to click through search results that have rich snippets. Both SEO BodyBuilder and Cyrus Shepard of Moz report that they experienced a 38 percent increase in click through rate after the adoption of “rel=author” tags.

In addition to the current benefits, in the future, it may be more likely that sites with contributed content from users with credible author rank will rank higher in search and build a higher level of trust with readers, as well as Google. 

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