How Curation Can Create New Blog Topics

One of the greatest challenges business bloggers face is the lack of new ideas. This is why they have implemented content curation into their strategy. Curating content allows marketers to find, organize and share third party content, saving them time and resources. However, this is not the only way curation can help you out. Searching and analyzing the latest articles also allows you to stay on top of trending subjects. This can ultimately lead to new ideas for original content. In this article, Penguin Strategies explains four tips to remember when generating topics through content curation. One thing they suggest is keeping blog topics personal.

Every blog topic should have your personal touch. If you find a blog from a competitor that talks about marketing hacks, don’t just repeat the same hacks in a new blog. Instead, talk to your team and personalize the hacks based on your company’s experience”

Have you ran out of ideas for your blog? Don’t panic! Begin your content curation journey by keeping these tips in mind. For a full guide on how to optimize your business blog, download our eBook, Business Blogging Secrets Revealed.

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