How Content Marketing is Reinventing the World of Journalism

We have all heard of the decline of the old world media companies and journalism across the board.  But, Holly Regan of Thought Leadership Strategy paints a different picture.  In a thoughtful piece, he pulls statistics from job sites showing the rapid decline of media related journalism jobs coupled with the growth of equivalent marketing and PR jobs. While most people who say this just have anecdotal evidence, Holly shows this through hard numbers and graphs.

One example that he cites is from interviewing a former journalist:

… 1,900 journalists had just been let go by Fairfax. Journalism positions just weren’t available so I had to change my career goals and try my hand at everything. However, he’s found that “so much of [his] journalism degree works for web content.

Lastly, Holly recommends a series of tips for journalists looking to make a career change and enter the world of content marketing.

Read original article at Thought Leadership…

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  • daveisareporter

    I think one of the elements that’s missing from Regan’s article is this: Yes, the journalism skill set lends itself to marketing and PR jobs, but in taking these jobs the purpose changes from serving the public to serving a business or industry. I think even if they possess the skills, this won’t be an easy change for many journalists and for good reason. Perhaps we should ask how we can use digital technologies and tactics like curation to preserve the journalist’s ability to serve the public – the traditional and lofty goal on which journalism is based. Now that would be truly innovative.

  • Jo Schaper

    How is curation different from stealing? Just can’t get past that point.