How Content Curation Makes You a Social Media Rock Star

Queen said it best when they said “We are the champions, my friend.”  This is a statement.  It says – “you know it, and I know it, so we may as well assume our roles,” and everyone did; as Queen made themselves one of the world’s best-selling music artists of all time.

Social media has become the fastest and most cost effective way to communicate with your audience.  Consequently, if you are not social media-savvy then you can bet that your competitors are delivering information to your audience just like the rock stars you wish to be.  How do you go from social media easy listening one-hit wonders to social media rock stars? Content curation.

Chances are you are doing some content curation already.  In fact, our recent survey, Content Curation Takes Center Stage, shows that almost 85% of those who reported not currently using content curation had, in fact, actually done so by reusing or creating new content and broadcasting their message via email or social media in order meet their business objectives.

What you need now is to rock out this content arsenal, maximizing it so that you can simply and easily put forth thought-provoking content on a scheduled basis.  In order to do that, you need to follow a simple formula:

  • Identify
  • Follow
  • Organize
  • Create
  • Share

In our latest eBook – 5 Simple Steps To Becoming A Content Curation Rock Star we dive deep into the guts of how to become a social media rock star and give you the encore performance and backstage pass, but here is the quick and dirty Whiskey a Go Go, in your face look:

  • Choose your topic
  • Find trusted sources to support that topic
  • Organize the content
  • Create the content (by adding value i.e. new liner notes or reviews)
  • Lay down the tracks – in other words publish your content

Remember when you are selecting a curation topic – if it does not resonate with your audience, they will not buy the ticket to even listen to the show.  A successful rock star always knows what the audience wants to hear, and then delivers it – without making them wait too long.

Make sure you select all different venues you plan to hit on your tour and set your tour dates.  That way, all you have to do is show up with the content.  Having a schedule, and knowing when you will be hitting up Twitter, Facebook, or your blog lets you plan ahead; gathering the right content from the appropriate sources and adding your two cents to give your content the rockin’ edge it needs.

Done correctly, content curation can be the catalyst to take your company from one-hit-wonder unknowns to bestselling rock stars. Following the simple 5-step formula above will get your brand out there on a consistent basis and show your audience that you are indeed The Champions.