How Can Content Curation Improve Your Social Selling?

Social Selling – it makes so much sense…it seems so easy. Just find useful content, add valuable personal insights, and share it with the right people to build relationships. But creating a repeatable social selling strategy requires more. 

As Stephen Walsh explains on the Knowledge Enthusiast: 

In practice, it takes time and focus to build a social selling habit. Finding that content is all about useful content curation.

How can you become a great content curator? Stephen has ten steps to get your on your way:

Define your audience. Build out an understanding of your target buyers and the topics that interest them to focus your curation efforts.

Work as a team and add value. Marketing teams can find and recommend content for sales teams to personalize with their own insights and share with their networks. Marketing can also use that curated content as inspiration for new original content. Curation forms part of the overall content strategy, reducing pressure to create new content. Win/win!

Filter effectively and use automation. This is the secret weapon to effective social selling. A curation tool is a must – no one wants to filter the web by hand.

For more tips on using content curation to fuel an effective social selling strategy, check out the complete article on Knowledge Enthusiast.

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