Hook Your Audience with Curated Data

Content that is based on data can be some of the most useful and relevant for your audience. However, many companies lack the budget to conduct research on their own. In this article, Britt Klontz of Distilled, suggests curating data from other companies to create new content that displays this data in a new or innovative way. She says that there are many ethical ways to do this and provides a few examples. One example? An infographic about Money from Liberty Marketing:

UK-based agency Liberty Marketing did just this with its TrolliesOfMoney interactive infographic. When supermarket giant Tesco revealed it overestimated 2014 profits by a staggering £263 million, the online marketing agency jumped straight to Tesco’s data and interpreted it in real terms.

Leveraging third-party data is a great way to create content with few resources and establish your company as an industry thought leader. Read the rest of the article for more examples and be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Content Curation.

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