Here’s the Secret to Employee Advocacy

Believe it or not, some of your best brand ambassadors might be the people sitting next to you right now. Employee advocacy had gained great momentum in recent years. 

Roope Heinilä, CEO of Smarp, explains why to Barry Feldman on Convince&Convert:

Of course, employee advocacy as a concept has been around for ages, but with the advent of social media, employees’ ability to affect a large amount of people has really gone up quite a bit. Now they’re able to affect hundreds, if not thousands.

How can you mine this untapped resource at your company? Follow these tips:

Put yourself in your employees’ shoes. Why would they want to take part in advocacy? Make sure your program helps your employees become better at what they do.

Don’t twist anyone’s arm. That just doesn’t work. Give everyone the opportunity and training to become advocates, but understand it’s not for everyone and forcing the issue might do more harm than good.

Recognize the people who choose to be advocates. It’s the best way to keep people motivated to participate in the program

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