Heading to SXSW this year? HiveFire will set you up with a free trial of Curata!

Next week thousands will board a flight to Austin, Texas for what is arguably the nation’s largest technology and media event, SXSW. New products will be introduced, twitter handles will be exchanged and parties will be attended while the bands of tomorrow play live on stage. For all those marketers who are packing their suitcases, we have good news for you. HiveFire, Inc. will be offering our content curation tool, Curata, free to brands that want to create customer sites with company and industry news tied to SXSW

With so many exciting things happening every second at SXSW, it’s tough to stay on top of it all. More than that, it’s difficult to report what’s going on to the folks back home while hopping from one panel to another and making appearances at all the festivies. The marketers, who request a free SXSW trial of Curata, will not have to spend the day writing blog posts and snapping photos on their iPhones in hopes of catching the latest and greatest news to distribute. Instead, Curata will help find, organize and share the best, most relevant SXSW online content relating to their brand and industry, ensuring that the freshest info gets to those who can’t be at SXSW themselves. 

The best part? Curata sites are up in running in less than a day and require no IT involvement. Marketers who are jet setting to the Lone Star State, can easily access their portal from any computer and use Curata’s online, intuitive interface to find, organize and share content in just a few clicks. There’s also no need for creating a separate SXSW website. The content from Curata can be shared within the company’s current site and from established social media channels. 

So if you’re heading down to SXSW and want to provide your friends and customers back home with the most up to date and relevant content, check out the free trial here.