Have you Tried Content Curation Yet?

Sadie Baxter of The Content Authority does a nice job of summarizing:

  • What is content curation?
  • Why your business should consider this tactic?
  • The curation process
  • Do’s and don’ts of curation
  • Top resources and tools for curation

Sadie’s #5 “Do” to “honor authorship of the originals (i.e., original content) by citing the writer’s and your sources” is right on. Ethics and fair use is an extremely important part of curation, especially for businesses. I’d recommend the following link for readers to an eBook that we wrote specifically around this topic of ethics and fair use for curation: http://bit.ly/curata_ethicsebook

It’s an extremely important topic, and something that we at Curata have built into the DNA of our software to help folks curate ethically.

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