Have You Started Chat Marketing Yet?

Chatbots and messaging apps are part of the next wave in marketing. Marketing thought leaders from Dharmesh Shah to David Cancel have identified one-on-one messaging as the next biggest thing in content marketing. So messaging apps are a big opportunity for content marketers.

Today, over three billion people have a messaging app on their phone. As these apps become more popular, they’re opening up new ways for brands to interact with their consumers.  

Daria Kasatkina at SEMRush discusses some of the challenges with marketing on apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion MAU. That is a lot of people to reach out to! Unfortunately for my fellow marketing specialists, Messenger doesn’t have many marketing opportunities just yet, although the general trend seems promising and Facebook has been testing out new advertising features recently.

There are several ways chat apps are evolving to help marketers connect with their audiences. Public chats allow brands to publish conversations to your messaging inbox that you can read but not write to. 

Other apps such as Facebook Messenger allow for public accounts that people can message directly.

Other features to keep an eye out for are paid promotion stickers or bumpers, personal shopper or check-out bots, and carousel ads.

For more on using messaging apps for marketing, check out Kasatkina’s complete article below.

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