Google Killed Side Ads – Now What?

As great as your content may be, it won’t get very far without the right types of promotion; and paid promotion is a big part of most of our content marketing distribution strategies. It’s no wonder then that many people began to panic when Google killed sides ads. In fact, changing the SERP (search engine results page) not only impacted paid promotion, but it impacted organic search results.

Erin Sagin of Wordstream did a nice job in a recent post presenting 5 takeaways of this Google move based upon an analysis of real data:

  1. PLAs (product listing ads) Continue to Kill It
  2. Desktop Ad CPCs Remain Pretty Stable
  3. Right Side Ads Weren’t Anything Special Anyway
  4. You Won’t See 4 Ad Blocks at the Top of Every SERP
  5. SEO Didn’t Get Hit Nearly As Hard As We Anticipated

This news sounds good. . . . . . so far. I’d recommend staying on course with your content strategy, particularly regarding your focus on owned and earned media; and keep a close eye on your PPC results.

Are you a content marketer with someone else focused on your paid media strategy and/or spend? Then get closer with those folks (or that agency) so that you’re aware of the implications of Google’s moves on your own content strategy; and check out Erin’s post at the link below to get up to speed on these recent SERP changes.

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