Google Buzz: Content Curation for the Masses

On Tuesday, Google announced the release of its newest tool for the content curator: Google Buzz. Buzz allows users to share their best information, opinions and dialogues with friends through Gmail.

While sites like Twitter are great engines for information sharing, Buzz helps individuals find the right information, integrate and automatically share that content with friends.   Buzz also automatically syndicates content sourced through Blogger, Google Reader, Picasa and other tools.

So how do B2B businesses and you take advantage of this new technology? How can marketing executives benefit from automatically finding and sharing content to meet their marketing objectives?

Share the best insights with your prospects: curate relevant content and become the trusted industry information resource.

Your B2B organization must share relevant content by curating industry information and communicating that information through all of their integrated marketing channels.  You may already do this via Twitter or other tools.

Collect your tweet, collect your blogs, and collect your industry news in an easy to access place for your prospects, such as an industry resource microsite.