Getting Your Employees From Here to There With Social Advocacy

Marketers have made sharing content easier than ever. On blogs, newsletters, and elsewhere, there is inevitably a sharebar allowing readers to redistribute content to multiple mediums.

For employees that have joined your company in a non-marketing role, it’s not always an easy choice to figure what, how, or when to share content however. These teammates often want to be involved in social marketing and advocacy, because it helps them gain the affection and respect of their peers—and identify even more as a “team player.” Which is great, because audiences are more inclined to engage with humanized social media accounts versus corporate branded accounts.

One hiccup hindering social advocacy at scale amongst employees is a lack of confidence and fear of doing wrong. And it’s not wrong to worry about sharing from competitors, being misaligned, being spam-esque, or otherwise being potentially damaging. Bernie Borges of Find and Convert argues this can be resolved and provide huge value that goes beyond brand advocacy:

“Employees generally want to build their reputation for career advancement. Employees are often envious of others who actively engage in social media in a professional manner. However, without the know-how, many employees sit on the sidelines in frustration.”

The fix is easy: make it simple for team members to share content. Without creating a burden of requirement, provide either a tool or a forum where people can elect to share relevant content. For a DIY solution, develop an internal content hub that consistently provides pre-contextualized content they can publish as is. This removes the margin of doubt for employees.

Borges outlines further challenges and solutions regarding employee advocacy below.

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