Getting the Most out of Marketing Events

According to a survey by Stan Ventures, 67% of content marketers believe event marketing is the most effective tactic. Events are a great way to network, learn from influencers and have your voice heard. In this article posted on the TopRank blog, Lee Odden shares tips on how to get the most out of marketing events you attend. 

Content Marketing is hotter than ever but sourcing content is probably one of the biggest challenges for companies getting into the content publishing realm. The good news is that events from Twitter chats to webinars to keynote presentations and breakout sessions all provide opportunities to capture, curate and even create content.

Examples of this include live blogging, interviewing other attendees for blog posts or video roundups, curating articles on the conference happenings and also keeping track of who’s mentioning you. All of these can create fodder for great created content and provide interesting information for readers.

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  • Reading blogs of attendees will definitely help you know about topics which are to be discussed in events they are participating. But to get more out of online marketing events, you have to take part in group discussions and other forums.

    • Meg_Sutton

      You are absolutely right, John. There’s a lot of value in participating in discussions with other industry professionals and thought leaders as well.