Getting Started with Contributed Content

Guest posts serve as a valuable way to power your business’s content engine.  They allow guest contributors to reach a broader audience, and ease a publication’s burden of content demand. 

Here’s how to ensure you satisfy your guest contributors’ interests while also meeting your organization’s goals.

Meeting Expectations

Because most editors appreciate the benefits of contributed content, they outline expectations that need to be satisfied for new content to be published. Contributing guests should ensure all the requirements are met. This practice will help avoid frustration for both contributor and editor. 

Think Beyond Blogs

People prefer to consume content in different channels and formats. If you’re contributing to external publications and can create alternative content formats that still meet guidelines, pitch those. You’ll get exposure for your own brand, reach a broader audience, and create a lasting impression with fresh content—something editors are always grateful for.

Understand Metrics and Benefits of Success

There are plenty of elaborate metrics to measure content performance by. But when it comes to contributed content, editors tend to look at social shares and pageviews. Kelsey Meyer, a Convince and Convert contributor, elaborates further:

If your content is widely shared, you’re expanding your audience. And when your content performs well, editors are more likely to invite you to publish more often than if your content flopped.

For more insight on launching a contributed content strategy, check out Meyer’s original post below.

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