Four Silver Bullets For Creating More Content With Less Budget

The top concerns of B2B marketers right now are: creating enough content, and lack of budget, according to the latest data from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. As Nick Westergaard relates, “the struggle is real for marketers everywhere!”

Instead of getting frustrated, Westergaard advises content marketers to get scrappy and embrace having to do more with less.

He’s come up with four tips and tricks that epitomize the scrappy mindset required for effective content marketing. Rather than burn out trying desperately to always come up with fresh original content, these hacks can comfortably ensure a steady stream of high quality, relevant content. 

  1. Relentlessly repurpose content to get more use out of each piece of content
  2. Use historical content, such as photos of old products, or old marketing collateral and advertisements
  3. Curate the best content you can find from outside your organization
  4. Adopt user-generated content, which demonstrates in a very public way that your audience likes you and is engaged

A great tool that integrates these scrappy hacks into a comprehensive, documented strategy is The Content Marketing Pyramid. It increases production capacity by making more efficient use of valuable resources for optimal content consumption, reuse and reach, creating a predictable stream of successful content to engage buyers and drive pipeline activity for marketing and sales. 

Westergaard goes into more detail about just how to use his hacks with practical examples below.

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