Fill the Gaps in your Digital Marketing Department

Jake Sorofman, Research Director at Gartner, reviews the gaps in the transformation to digital marketing in this post originally authored on his blog. Many marketing departments are shifting to digital if they haven’t already. Jake’s concern lies within the gaps in the new marketing leadership structure. Organizations can appoint a CMO, but will that have a lasting impact?

I’ve talked a lot about the conspicuous gap between aptitude and authority in digital marketing leadership today. CMOs have the authority, but it’s the digital natives who have the innate aptitude for the digital disciplines. Until the natives come of age, there’s a mismatch that will constrain marketing performance.

Jake goes over the common gaps in technology, content, data and operations in today’s digital shift. As the need for new roles to fill these marketing gaps arise, it’s important not to pay too much attention to the title as it is to address the needs they demand. Ask yourself what type of person you need before attempting to fill positions based on title. Maybe your marketing team needs a data analyst – or someone who never gets tired of feeding the content beast. Before setting your marketing budget too high, make sure you have the right people and plan in place. 

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