Fact: Content Curation Improves Your Bottom Line

It’s no secret we marketers continuously change hats.

Remember a few years ago when the term “content curation” was not included in a marketer’s online mix? Now, according to the Content Curation Adoption Survey, 2011 Report by Curata, 48 percent of marketers are already employing content curation in some form.

Content curation, offers us not only another tactical hat to add to our mix, but presents us with the responsibility of critically evaluating whether curation improves our corporate bottom line.

By committing resources to add compelling and relevant content to a website, or blog, we owe it to our employees and shareholders to attach performance metrics such as:

  • Higher search ranking
  • Targeted site traffic
  • More leads, and
  • Ultimately sales!

We’re happy to know that numerous companies can point to increases in sales and decreases in costs as a direct result of content curation.

Attracting Customers Online
Renewable energy leader, Verne Global, has increased weekly website traffic for www.GreenDataCenterNews.org. Each week thousands of visitors find its website as a result of content curation. The company estimates it has saved nearly $100,000 as a direct result of content curation.

Overture is another example of a company which has experienced first page ranking in Google for the key words “carrier Ethernet” to their website www.CarrierEthernetNews.com as a direct result of content curation. Having a created a microsite that highlights curated content around their industry, Overture has been able to reap the SEO benefits. 

We all know that it’s becoming more important to attract targeted prospects online – especially via organic search tactics. In response, savvy marketers are changing hats. Those of us who wear our content curation hats often know that curation is a primary way to combat decreasing search rankings and deliver the right kind of visitors to a website.

Content Curation reduces costs, increases sales and positions a company as a thought leading resource.

Have you changed your hat? If so, contact us or comment below to let us know how content curation is helping you achieve an ROI.