Expect More with an Integrated Content Strategy

 Marketers who use an integrated content marketing strategy see significantly better results than those who create content alone.  Here are four key steps to form a successful integrated strategy:

  1. Vision and Roadmap

    Marketers often debate the most important element to a successful content strategy. Paul Buckley of D Custom captures why a documented strategy has a strong claim for this title:

    It informs everything, from the content types you create to the channels you promote them on. And like a road map, charting the most effective path starts with answering two questions: Where are you now, and where do you want to end up?

  2. Creation

    Your written strategy will help you determine what content you should create. Your next step is marrying the ideas and needs of your content funnel to your in-house creators or freelancers.

  3. Promotion

    The final draft of a content masterpiece has no value if your audience doesn’t see it. This is why content promotion needs to be done right. Your documented strategy research from step one should reveal where your audience is and how they like to consume content. Share your  content across your promotional channels, including email, social, SEO, paid media, and more.

  4. Meticulous Measurement and Optimization

    Performance measurement is a must in any marketing role. This includes content and related content activities. Not only are you determining which decisions are successful, you’re building a better business case to present to stakeholders for continuing and expanding your content marketing.


Want to build or refine your integrated content strategy? Check out Buckley’s original piece below.

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