Evolution of Marketing & Technology

Scott Brinker,  co-founder & CTO of ion interactive and founder of the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, has released a new eBook. A New Brand of Marketing: The 7 Meta-Trends of Modern Marketing as a Technology-Powered Discipline reviews the evolution of marketing and technology and how deeply intertwined they’ve become over the years. 

For many people, especially in marketing and IT, this has significantly changed the nature and scope of their work. It can be daunting. But my aim with this book is to put the turmoil of all those changes into a short and cohesive narrative. By understanding the macro-level forces behind these changes, I believe it will be easier for us to harness their power.

Scott does a great job of explaining the evolution of these long-term marketing trends and reviewing how they’ve impacted technology and management. From traditional to digital marketing and from art & copy to code & data, the world of marketing we know today would not exist without these technology trends. This eBook offers great insight for marketers looking to plan for what’s next.

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