Everyone Curates; It’s Your Commitment That Counts

You may not realize it, but everything you do and everything you think comes down to curation. Our minds are programmed to do it; it’s how we survive and thrive. Making basic decisions like which restaurant to eat at or what pair of shoes to buy can be fun, and people enjoy the process of searching and picking, absorbing and critiquing. Well I’m here to tell you that curating content can be fun too; it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and being determined to get it.

The big choices in our lives require us to curate on multiple, sophisticated levels of analysis. Take buying a car as an example: there are basic questions like what color or price range, but then there are the more complicated questions of dependability and functionality. Content curation is a lot like car shopping; you need to gather different types of information from reliable sources, filter out the fluff, and make a decision based on both personality and necessity.

If you manage a brand and want to provide relevant content to your online audience, you have to know who they are: what’s the content they are looking for, where are they going to find it, and how can you best reach them? You also have to know what they need: what’s the most relevant content available, how often can you deliver it, and how will they receive it? By asking these questions, B2B business can enable content leadership that will have customers coming to them for advice. It all starts with curation, which can be easy or difficult, laborious or fun, depending on how committed you are.