Elevate your Content Curation with a Knowledge Discovery Program

Delivering consistent content to readers is a struggle for marketers. Deciding on the frequency and quality of your posts is a key reason why it’s a struggle. Content curation can fix this dilemma by allowing you to share other blog posts with your readers. In fact, one study shows 82% of marketers curate content

With so many marketers curating on a regular basis, you need a way to stand out to your readers and deliver content they need. Meaghan Moraes explains how using a knowledge discovery program can do just that. Meaghan says:

Knowing that you need to curate relevant content from a number of sources is one thing, but identifying the most relevant content on an ongoing basis is a whole other beast. Knowledge management is a long-time need, but marketers need to do more than simply “manage” knowledge. Being able to discover and use the knowledge in context is the key.

A knowledge discovery tool helps you pull relevant content from all over the internet, eliminating hours of digging to find the perfect article. The rest of Meaghan’s post (link below) dives deeper into the benefits of quality knowledge discovery tools, which the Ultimate Guide to Content Curation explains how best to incorporate into your content marketing strategy. 

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