Effective Storytelling for Brands: How to Drive Discovery & Engagement

The art of storytelling and marketing has long gone hand in hand. Marketing allows brands to tell their stories, historically in the form of advertising. In the past few years, as also mentioned in this article, marketing has taken a shift to allow brands to tell their stories through different mediums. Ben Straley discusses in this post is just that sift – how marketers are using content to tell their stories and how only the most effective stories will survive.

Targeting is better today than it ever has been before…The content that finds its way through the complicated maze of devices, social connections, and search algorithms to an individual consumer is only as good as the story it tells.

Every good marketer knows that you may have a great piece to share, but if your audience can’t find it, what’s the point? The article also mentions 4 key tips to ensure your story get’s found. 

Are there any other points that you follow to ensure your story reaches your audience?

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