Educate Your Audience with Content Curation

With the overwhelming amount of content crowding the web, the pressure to create great pieces has certainly risen. However, content creation should not be the only focus. Curating content can give your target audience a different way of viewing fresh, relevant content. Heidi Cohen describes three ways that content curation can give you superpowers. One way? By being a tastemaker. 

Highlight your most recent content as well as your most relevant content mixed with other people’s content, including your competitors. The prize goes to the person or brand that can cull through everything that’s flooding into our communication channels and select the useful, important gems based on understanding your audience’s persona.”

In addition to being a tastemaker, she also highlights the value of repurposing and reusing content, as well as leveraging other people’s audiences. Whatever the case may be, content curation has the power to please your target audience in more ways than one. 

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