Earn a Standing Ovation with Content Marketing Humor

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Humor is one of the most powerful ways to engage an audience and being humorous is a crucial trait of a successful content marketer. Adding wit to your content can help customers loosen up and relate to your product or service on a more personal level. This will also increase the chances of readers sharing your content, thus expanding your overall reach. In this article, Sajeel Qureshi discusses three ways humor can improve your content strategy.  One reason you should become a content marketing comedian? It makes you unique. 

Most people think marketing has to be serious and done with a ‘corporate tone.’ The problem with the corporate tone in content marketing is that it’s boring and we know boring content doesn’t get shared.”

The content comedy show is about to begin, are you ready to “wow” the crowd? Check out this article to find out how. If you are looking for more ways to better engage your audience, consider our eBook, 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment

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