Drive SEO with Content Curation

Content marketers have begun to realize that attaining the perfect mix of curated and created content has more positives than negatives. One positive? Content curation can help improve search rankings. Tyler Shears of Search Engine Journal notes 7 benefits that content curation can bring to your SEO rankings. In order to improve SEO, he states that we should never forget to add our own thoughts to each curated piece.

Instead of merely posting a piece of content as is, you should add your own thoughts and insights. This will prevent search engine algorithms from seeing your page as duplicate content and penalizing it in rankings.”

Shears states that by curating relevant content from other websites, the value of your own website will increase, encouraging your audience to visit your site on a more regular basis. For more information on the benefits of created and curated content, check out our Content Marketing Tactics Planner

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