Don’t Miss These Essential Copywriting Ingredients

You may have the best content in the world; however, your blog post, article or eBook will fall flat on its face if you are unable to get your point across in the right manner, your delivery is off target, you’ve made many spelling mistakes, and/or the formatting is painful to the eye. Enter copywriting. Copywriting offers the opportunity to put the final touches on your content that can turn a good piece into a great piece… some page views to lots of page views… some leads generated to lots of leads generated.

Barry Feldman, content marketing guru, went out and asked some of the best content marketers out there to identify the essential ingredients to copywriting. Here are a few of them:

  • Hard Work… The hard work of really, really, really understanding your subject, your audience and the building blocks of your story…” [Doug Kessler] (see more from Doug in this free, on-demand webinar Writing with Mojo]
  • An Emotional Trigger… You can’t have great copywriting without an emotional trigger. Something has to move the audience. [@JasonFalls]
  • Great Writing… The essential ingredient of great copywriting is to create emotional value with brevity. [@Robert_Rose]
  • Empathy… Great copy doesn’t speak to people, it enters the conversation already playing in their head. [@brianclark]

Insights from these experts correctly indicate that copywriting is much more than simply correcting spelling or grammatical mistakes. Their words of wisdom, including empathy and understanding how to best help your audience succeed in their job, are powerful ingredients to boosting the impact of your content marketing endeavors. 

Check out this eBook about the 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment to learn more about better understanding and connecting with your audience. Also, see Barry’s full post at the link below for additional ingredients that are essential to great copywriting.

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