Don’t Let a White Paper Be a Content “Dead End”

On a third-party content site, there are ways to encourage additional traffic back to any given brand site, rather than “encouraging” users to navigate to competitor sites. B2B Digital Marketing reviewed white papers from 10 large B2B marketers, mostly downloaded through third party sites (paid placement with publishers). On third party sites, content from competitors is just one click away, and frequently offered in an Amazon-style “you might also like” module. Clicking to a competitor is an easy way for prospects to continue researching, making it even more critical for marketers to include navigation in their own content to keep prospects engaged.

Of the 10 white papers reviewed: Only two white papers included a link to an additional piece of content, and one of those had a single somewhat random link only. Only one white paper included a link to a topical page where content published since the white paper could be available. Five white papers did not include links to an appropriate product page for more information. Instead they only linked to a homepage or very broad page covering a significantly wider range of topics than the white paper.

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