Don’t Forget This Piece of the Content Puzzle

Although many B2B marketers are producing content, a recent report issued by Laura Ramos of Forrester says that a majority of these marketers struggle to make this content engaging. One of the many factors for this missing piece of the puzzle is that content is not a priority within marketing teams.

Content is not marketing’s job No. 1. A startling 72% of surveyed marketers say less than half of their marketing staff plays a primary role in content marketing today — leaving content to quickly devolve to talk of products and features, rather than interesting insights buyers crave. It’s not a surprise, then, that 87% say they struggle to produce content that truly engages their buyers.”

This article points out several other reasons why content is not resonating with audiences, such as an absence of primary research. For more ways to create engaging content, download our latest eBook The 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment.

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