Don’t be a Marketing Monologuist

In today’s world, if marketing is too egocentric—when it’s all about your company and what you’re trying to sell—customers tune out, fast. So for those who feel they’re constantly reaching out with content and aren’t getting a response, maybe it’s because they’re monologuing, rather than trying to create a dialog.

Joshua Nite has a few suggestions for putting the conversation back into content marketing:

If you really want to start a dialog with your content, snap shut your flip phone and shut down the brand-centric talk. Find out what your consumers want to talk about, craft content that invites conversation through a strong point of view, then share it in a way that encourages discussion.

Try to avoid writing in the first person and using lots of ‘we’ and ‘our’ pronouns. It doesn’t include or draw the reader in, and can be a real turn-off. Consider your customers’ pain points and speak directly to them, using plenty of ‘you’ and ‘yours’ to engage and show empathy for your customers’ needs. Ditch the hard sell.

Best-in-class marketers understand that egocentric content marketing is a relic of a bygone era. They seek to create a genuine dialog with their audience, strategies for which can be found in the eBook Stop Egocentric Marketing. Or for a quicker take, Joshua outlines five useful steps for putting the conversation back into marketing below.

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