Digital Advertising: Good or Bad For Your Content?

Content marketing works. Unfortunately, as more content is created, it’s more difficult to cut through the noise.

Caitlin Burgess, contributor to the TopRank Marketing Blog gives her opinion on cutting through the crowded content landscape:

With so many marketers in the content marketing game—many of them creating and publishing new content daily—competition is stiff. In addition, evolving algorithms for social media news feeds and search engine results make it even more difficult to get the right eyeballs on your content.

So, what’s the solution? How can you get that great content you’re creating in front of your target audience?

One solution is leveraging digital advertising to support your content marketing efforts. Here are some quick tips on using digital advertising can impact your content:

  • Get your content in front of more people: Pick one or two target audiences to focus on
  • Target a specific audience: Use tools to analyze what your competitors are doing
  • Drive content strategy with new insights: Have proper tracking set up so you can accurately collect data
  • Enhance brand awareness: Test different messaging styles and tones
  • Keep your brand top of mind: Spread and target over multiple channels

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