Curation is More than Integrating Conversations

Ryan Segal of Gyro writes in Forbes about how curation is becoming over-used and a buzzword.  But its prevalence in marketing speak, he argues, does not take away from its utility.  Many people think of curation as “integration” or simply bringing information together.  Instead, he suggested that curation is a lot more than that:

Someone has to be the raconteur, the one who shares anecdotes in a skillful, amusing and engaging manner. Someone has to either begin or redirect a conversation; to put it on a path….  Shaping and guiding conversation in a very intentional but seemingly unintentional way will be one of the requisite gifts of the great brand curators.

Ryan says that curation is more about redirecting a conversation, steering it on a path and guiding it along on behalf of a brand, rather than just rebroadcasting a conversation.

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