Curation in the Content Marketing Mix

Today, best-in-class marketers are only creating 65 percent of content, and curating 25 percent. Curated content is a great way to support your creation strategy as it allows marketers to publish consistent, high quality information on their topic – in a fraction of the time. Curation can also help marketers cut through the all of noise of today’s online publishing industry. Lee Odden continues on the TopRank Marketing blog,

Information Overload – More information is created digitally every day than ever before and many consumers feel lost in a sea of data and content. Thoughtful curation of content stands out as readers connect with the personality and perspective of the curating source that brings them useful information from a variety of sources with context and perspective.

Curating, and annotating, a weekly newsletter of high quality articles for readers provides diverse information from a variety of sources and represents your own unique perspective as well. Pulling together these valuable pieces of information adds to your credibility and provides a convenient resource for readers. 

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  • larry_parba

    Definitely and Absolutely Right . this article got the idea where content curation could be done and also the content integration . awesome insights .