Curation at #SXSW 2011: We need your help for Crowd Sourced Submissions

Last year at SXSW, Steve Rosenbaum of made waves about content curation by predicting that over the next year the “curator” will become one of the top five jobs. 

In 2011, we are planning on heading to SXSW to continue the content curation saga and share how content curation is no longer just a concept, but an integral part of a content marketing strategy. 

We are in the process of submitting a speaking proposal on this topic but we need your help.  We are crowdsourcing the speaking proposal. 

We have come up with three possible topics below.  If you like the topics below, click the “Vote for this” link at the end of each suggestion.  If you have other suggestions, tweet with both hash tags #SXSW and #Curata [#SXSW #Curata at] with your suggestion. 

  • Presentation: How to leverage content curation for marketing – a presentation by the makers of Curata on the ins-and-outs of content curation and how it can specifically be used for marketing. Vote for this.

  • Case Study: Making Content Curation Marketing a Reality – a joint presentation with the makers of Curata and a Curata customer that provides case study on why they chose content curation a part of their content marketing as a strategy, how they implemented it and what the results were. Vote for this.
  • Panel: Are marketers the new publishers? – a panel moderated by TBD and including panelists from both sides of the debate on the role of brand journalism and curation. Vote for this.

We’ll be monitoring your tweets until midnight on Wednesday Eastern Time.