Curating Content to Reach your Audiences through Newsletters: Interview with DPT Labs

We recently sat down with Craig Zabodijnk, Marketing Manager for DPT. DPT is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) providing companies the best solutions to their sterile and non-sterile drug development and manufacturing needs through innovation, technology and service. Craig discussed with us the objectives of the newsletter and why curation was right for their company.

Curata: Tell us a little bit about the objectives of your site – what was the ultimate goal? Who is your target audience?

Craig Zabodijnk: We didn’t have much content. The idea of content marketing didn’t really exist [For DPT]. People in our industry are hungry for information, good and relevant information. The industry that we market to is very specific. They are specific about what they read from a content consumption standpoint. With curation, we are able to provide our audience with the niche content they crave. Our audience is broad in size, but specific in topic. Our goal with this newsletter is to become the go-to resource for our customers for  all their industry news.

Curata: How come you decided to go with content curation over another marketing strategy or original content?

CZ: I wasn’t aware of curation initially. We were in the process of laying out a content marketing plan to our internal team and realized we needed a way to communicate with our customer base more effectively. Using curation through Curata, we are able to target specific content within the industry and share that with our reading audience. The ability to find the niche content is great and our open rates for our emails prove it.

Curata: Can you walk us through the curation process? How do you pick the content for the site?

CZ: We started thinking about a monthly newsletter to our customers and using curated content to do it. We identified keywords and focused on finding the technical content we know is out there. Also, we found key publications in the industry and began using those to curate.

Curata: Since you’ve launched and have been curating, have there been any benefits that you have already seen from this?

CZ: Yes, we’re thinking of increasing the frequency of our newsletters but for now, we’re enjoying the increase in open rates. Our goal is to become the industry resource for our customers and we’re hoping to use curation to get there.

Visit DPT Labs for more information on their work with supplying pharmaceutical companies the support they need.

To learn more about curating for your business, visit Curata and watch this 1 minute video.