Curating Competitors Gives You the Edge

If you’re reading our blog right now, chances are you know that curation – the process of finding, organizing and sharing content online – is impossible without utilizing third-party content.  You probably also know that we see content curation as a way for companies to boost or improve thought leadership initiatives.  So after reading this headline you may be asking, “How will curating my competitors’ content help my company be seen as thought leader?” The answer is simple: because it works! Here’s why:

It keeps readers coming back for more.
Providing your audience with the best, most relevant content is a sure shot way to keep them engaged and coming back for more.  Believe it or not, this content will not all come straight from your own desk, or the desk of your coworker for that matter.  It will instead come from all corners of the web – and yes, one of those corners may very well be the office of your competitor.

It is vital to position your site as a “one-stop” resource for your audience.  If readers have to surf the net to find the best content about your industry then you are not doing your job as a curator and they will not continue to use your site as a resource.  Thus, providing competitor content on your site when appropriate helps attract more readers and keep them there.

You will stay “above the fray.”
Becoming an authoritative source for industry knowledge puts you above the fray when it comes to the discussion that your competitors are having.  Curation gives you the opportunity to weigh in on your competitors’ editorial content, put it in the context that you want, and control the dialogue.  It also provides your audience with a sense that you’re not worried about sharing competitors content, which in their mind may say that you’re not worried about them taking your business either.

Google will like you better.
Utilizing third-party content from competitors can actually help you capture their traffic when your curated content shows up higher in search results. A competitor could create some really engaging material about an industry topic, yet because you curated the article, Google sends prospects to you.  By including competitors’ content on your site, you are keeping readers from going to their site to find that information.

Despite this evidence, there will always be objections when the use of competitors joins the conversation.  We frequently hear marketers voice concern regarding the topic. Perhaps the only way you can determine where you stand is to try it yourself.  If you’re a beginner testing the waters of content curation, you may want to check out our 30 Day Free trial. No obligation. No credit card required.