Creating a Content Workflow

Rebecca Lieb gives us advice on putting together a content marketing workflow as part of your content strategy. After establishing goals and priorities, successful organizations create a process to publish content. In this article, Rebecca articulates that the editorial calendar should stand as the backbone of your content strategy, and I couldn’t agree more. 

An editorial calendar establishes what content will be created, what format it should take, which channel it is meant for, and when it will be published. A digital editorial calendar also tracks the connections for a given piece of content, including how it will be repurposed and amplified in social media channels.

Editorial calendars make it much easier to manage authors, especially if you have a large content team or use freelancers. It’s a great tool to set up reminders, schedule dates and establish the promotion process. Remembering dates isn’t always simple when you have separate deadlines for drafts, edits, graphics and publishing. Be sure to check out the article for more tips on creating an effective content workflow.

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