Create Value with Evergreen Content

It’s important to keep up with latest trends in your industry, but the majority of content you publish on your blog should be evergreen. Evergreen content provides long lasting value for readers, as opposed to time-sensitive newsy posts. Examples of the type of content that remains relevant to your audience throughout the seasons are: how-to guides, thought leadership pieces on your industry and FAQs. 

The following are tips to keep in mind when writing evergreen posts:

  • You might look to what the top posts on your blog currently are, to see what kind of topics people care about. Also make sure to pay attention to questions that your readers are asking you, to help guide you toward relevant evergreen topics.
  • While evergreen content may need to be updated or refreshed from time to time, you don’t want it to become dated too quickly—so avoid referencing current events or brand new studies, when you can.

Also keep in mind how you promote your content. It’s not enough to just post a blog – promote it on social channels and in your newsletter. Repurpose evergreen posts into infographics, webinars, social fodder and curate related pieces to support your content. 

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