Create A Content Strategy That You’ll Actually Use

There’s no doubt that most marketing organizations are increasing their investment in content in the coming year; and many of these marketers are reaping the benefits of this investment.  The organizations getting the biggest bang for their buck have taken the time to create a practical content marketing strategy, as well as putting the people, process and technology in place to make their strategy a reality. (e.g., Emergence of the Content Marketing Platform)

Brian Sutter does a nice job in this post of detailing the steps required for creating a content marketing strategy that you’ll really use.  Key parts to his framework include:

Identify objectives that impact your business’ bottom line;

Pinpoint the customer groups who are most likely to take action;

Create content marketing materials that will motivate each group; and

Promote. . . . Evaluate.

Check out Brian’s post for additional details to create your own content marketing strategy, including how to tap into curation to complement your own created content.  In addition, refer to this ebook for an easy to follow framework to optimize reuse and ROI of your content – The Content Marketing Pyramid.

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