Crafting the Perfect Blog

Whether you’re new to blogging or not, it’s always beneficial to apply best practices to your writing process. Considering the amount of the content that is being published every day, it’s important to follow certain steps that can help your post stand out among the rest. Kevan Lee breaks down the anatomy of the perfect blog post on Buffer. 

No doubt I could list way more than seven elements from perfect blog posts, but these seven seem to cover all the most important bases.

Headline: the 6 words that count most

Storytelling hook Fewer characters per line at first

Featured image

Subheads for scanning

Content and the 1,500-word sweet spot

Soundbites for sharing

Great headlines are extremely important. If readers don’t like your headline, they won’t read your blog. Kevan recommends six word headlines as readers tend to absorb the first three words and the last three words. Craft a few headlines before you start writing your blog post and do some testing to see which ones stand out the most. 

Creating high quality content is another very important step. Readers can tell the difference between thought leadership and content that’s just thrown together. High quality content adjusted to their needs will add to your credibility and keep them coming back for more. 

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