Content Tips from the NYTimes Innovation Report

The New York Times Innovation Report reviews their digital publishing strategy and includes insights and recommendations to help marketers keep up with the ever changing online publishing landscape. This brings about many insightful tips that content marketers can start putting into action today. Marko Saric provides us with 30 content marketing lessons from the report. Here’s one of Marko’s tips:

Mine your content archives. Repackage and republish content to give unseen content a second chance. Push relevant content to readers by using personalization. Enable right stories to find right readers, in the right places at the right times. This takes much less effort than creating new content.

Getting the most mileage out of content, especially pieces that took a significant amount of time to create, is a great way to get more eyes on it. Not everyone will see the first article – repackage it as an infographic and republish on another channel to reach a different audience. 

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