Content Strategy Basics

A good content marketing strategy encompasses the planning, creation, promotion and measurement of content. The goal of every content strategy is to attract an audience, support them along the buyers’ journey and turn those potential buyers into customers. Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media aims to explain content strategy in just three minutes. His first step is to understand readers.

Knowing our audience, their fears and hopes, their needs and dreams, is the key. We must know them so we can give them what they want. If we give our audience enough of what they want, we’ll get what we need.

Once you understand your audience, move on to establishing your company’s mission, your topic(s) of expertise and who your influencers are. Establish a development plan based on the needs of readers, trending topics and what industry thought leaders are publishing on. Once you publish, promotion and measurement are crucial. Have a set distribution and analytics process mapped out.

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