Content Promotion Must-Dos

If you’re in the 90 percent majority of B2B marketers currently using content marketing — great! But is your content strategy effective? Only about a third of marketers consider themselves to be effective when it comes to content marketing. So where do most fall flat? Content promotion. 

Larry Kim, CTO of WordStream, dispels myths surrounding content marketing promotion and provides a workflow on how to promote content effectively. Here are some of his tips:

Repurpose & Syndicate 

It takes a lot of time and effort to create original research, so we repurpose our content. Talk to blog managers. Tell them that you did this interesting story and ask if they’d be open to you summarizing the findings for their audience. We also syndicate our blog content on sites like Yahoo Small Business Advisor.

Many marketers publish great content, but then fail to market their marketing. Other great ways to repurpose content include turning research into eBooks, eBooks into infographics, infographics into blogs, etc. 

Larry also suggests creating fewer high quality pieces of content instead of pushing out a higher volume of lower quality content. This not only provides more value for readers, but improves engagement and drives higher quality traffic.

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