Content Optimization Tactics

With the amount of online content being published every day, it’s incredibly important to optimize for search in order to rise above the flood of information. Content marketers can take steps towards optimizing their content for greater visibility in order to generate awareness and drive leads. Mark Camilleri reviews content optimization strategy on Social Media Today. Here’s one of his tips:

Responsive Design for the Mobile User Experience

As the mobiles’ share of digital traffic continue to rise, content should be optimized for an enhanced mobile users’ experience. Mobile internet has already surpassed desktop traffic. According to a recent comScore survey, mobile devices accounted to no less than 55 percent of all digital site traffic in January 2014.

In addition to optimizing content for mobile search, other tactics include using relevant keywords, linking to other pieces of quality content, employing Google Authorship and promoting content across multiple channels (social, newsletters, email, blogs, etc.). Using these tactics as part of your content strategy can help build credibility as well as awareness, and ultimately increase the quantity and quality of leads. 

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