Content Marketing’s Secret Weapon: Content Curation

Jennifer Powell of Crowd Content writes about the power of content curation as an equalizer for small businesses. Large companies are slowly ramping up their investment in content marketing, and no doubt, small companies can leverage the power of curation to complement their own created content. Very few marketing organizations, aside from the largest companies, have the financial or human resources to provide a regular stream of high quality, relevant original content for their customer; making curation an excellent addition to their content marketing arsenal.  

I’d also add that both small and large companies can benefit from content curation from the audience’s perspective.  That is, as great as a vendor’s content may be, customers want to be exposed to varying opinions and perspectives. If you don’t provide it to them, they will go elsewhere. (Stop egocentric marketing)  Therefore, “Don’t just create. . . curate”.

Jennifer provides some insight into four of her recommended curation tools, including Curata:

This awesome platform helps you easily find, organize, and share relevant content. The platform constantly scours the web to find the freshest and most relevant content. They say the platform even learns your preferences and starts suggesting the most relevant content for your business. Finally, it helps you share the content across your channels.”

To see other companies successfully curating content, check out the Content Curation Look Book.

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